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Complete sets and my batfile to add any rom to Retroarch playlist in 2 mins or less a...
9 Posts
July 9, 2019 - 3:06 pm

The reason i am posting this is in my retroarch build i find alot roms cant be added due to they dont match the crc values and i get around that by using my version of shiftys lpl list maker.

Its a bat file that you run after editing your roms folder directory to match the ones in the bat file you can name the roms folder what ever you want but i do it this way for ease and simple for me..

my directories names like so

0101-Atari 2600
0201-Atari 5200
0301-Adult Games
0501-Atari - 7800
0701-Atari Lynx
0801-Bandai WonderSwan
0901-Bandai WonderSwan Color
1001- ColecoVision
1201-Commodore - 64
1301-Commodore - Plus-4
1401-Emerson - Arcadia 2001
1501-Entex - Adventure Vision
1801-Magnavox - Odyssey2
2001-Microsoft - MSX
2101-Sony Playstation 2
2201-Nintendo - Famicom Disk System
2301-Nintendo - Family Computer Disk System
2401-Nintendo - Family Computer Disk System [headered]
2501-Nintendo - Game Boy
2601-Fairchild - Channel F
2701-Nintendo - Game Boy Color
2801-Nintendo - Nintendo 64
2901-Sega - GameGear
3101-Sega Megadrive
3201-Sony - Playstation
3301-Sony - PlayStation Portable
3401-Sega Dreamcast
3501-Panasonic 3DO
3601-SNES 1000 Games


Now inside the bat file you should see this to match   and you can name the playlist name to what ever you wish but it get confusing if no uniformity

SET RomDirs[11]=3401-Sega Dreamcast
SET PlaylistNames[11]=3401-Sega Dreamcast
SET SupportedExtensions[11]=*.cdi *.gdi *.zip

SET RomDirs[12]=1601-GBA
SET PlaylistNames[12]=1601-GBA
SET SupportedExtensions[12]=*.gba *.zip    

red must be in numerical order each game  to get scanned

Blue must match your to be scanned folder name exactly  

green is each directory roms game ext. 

Make sure you set the Retroarch scan rom dir and the Retroarch dir to match yours

:: Change these to point to your RetroArch and top-level ROM directories
set RADir=C:RetroArch
set ROMDir=C:Roms Folder

this will scan all files in each of your dir so be aware a zip and a bin of same makes a 2 x entry

Here is my bat file to scan your roms http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=13725770105452361426


Now your ready to get the folowing files

If you head over to the site https://the-eye.eu/public/rom/

I love the Playstation files within the NTSC it containes 1780 games. For those who are familar with wget at the bottom of each page contains the wget link to take the files .


And for those that like complete sets  the next 2 links are 37 gigs and 40 gig .


1 is the NO INTRO romset

You used to be able to just download single roms from reliable websites whenever you wanted one, but since rom sites are getting shut down left and right it might be better to just get a full set to archive yourself locally.

That's what I thought, so I went through Google, Reddit, Torrents and archive.org

Info:trying to find the newest possible versions of these romsets, since they still regularly get additions or corrections. To save you that trouble I wanted to share the links.

No-Intro Collection (by no-intro.org)

Full collection of every clean dump of every real cartridge. Includes all different existing official versions of every game, but no romhacks, translations or homebrew.

Download size: 37 GB

Systems: View post on imgur.com

" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">

View post on imgur.com

2 The Everdrive

The Everdrive Packs (by smokemonster)

This pack focuses on sorting and being ready to use (with flashcards, but obviously works with emulators). It includes only 1 version of every game, the US version being preferred, with the addition of exclusives from other regions. However it also includes zipped region add-on packs that add back all roms of that region. This pack in addition to the official roms also includes notable romhacks, translations and homebrew in their own folders. More info about the pack here.

This also includes the "Game Series Collections" (by tjstogy), which is a heavily sorted and curated folder structure by genres, developers, best-of lists and more. These are duplicate roms that are already in the base pack, and an optional download for some systems because of the size. They are more of a "what to play" list that lets you easily find games you might want to play. More info



Download links:

No-Intro (05/2018)

Direct download: https://archive.org/download/NoIntro2018/No-Intro%202018.7z - Very slow. Only use if you can't torrent. I would recommend using a download manager so you can resume the download in case you lose connection in the 3 days it takes to download.

Torrent file: https://archive.org/download/NoIntro2018/NoIntro2018_archive.torrent - Is being seeded by several people, took me a few hours to download. Obviously only use if torrenting is legal in your country, or with a VPN. If you need a torrent client, qBittorrent is recommended.

- You need a free archive.org account to be able to download these files, or you will get a "item not available" message.

-- I converted the torrent file to a magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:f36012c79151b2a3b759c6dd66a340e56ebefaf8&dn=NoIntro2018

Everdrive Packs (current version)

https://pastebin.com/raw/gKEbn2TD - Mega (without premium) has a download limit of 5 GB per 6 hours per IP. I downloaded it by cloning the Everdrive folder to my Megasync folder and letting it sync with my PC, and reconnecting my internet every time I get the limit reached message. If you don't have dynamic IP in your country you can use a VPN, or just wait the 6 hours per 5 GB (or get premium).

torrent for this: EverDrive Collection Torrent from Roms

" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">

EverDrive Collection Torrent from Roms


My thanks to those that took time to make these avail for people like me and those to come.... Thanks and keep it free

9 Posts
July 17, 2019 - 11:03 pm

So i thought i would post a fast update to info if any of you missed the info.So here is a file size of the dir from the-eye.eu site from the above link

Best and fastest no intro dload is


and everdrive is great if ya like us complete and jap completes

contains 1800 ps1 both ntsc and pal

wget -m -np -c -R "index.html*" "http://the-eye.eu/public/rom/P.....ames/NTSC/"

Since playstation is the hot ticket rite now go here


If your familiar with the wget try this  for the below

wget -m -np -c -R "index.html*" "http://the-eye.eu/public/rom/"

675.1 GiB [##########] /Nintendo Gamecube
570.6 GiB [######## ] /Playstation
515.2 GiB [####### ] /Sega Saturn
501.7 GiB [####### ] /Sega Dreamcast
292.5 GiB [#### ] /Nintendo 3DS
161.8 GiB [## ] /Nintendo DS
126.5 GiB [# ] /Sega Mega-CD & Sega CD
119.4 GiB [# ] /Amiga
57.5 GiB [ ] /Panasonic 3DO
34.7 GiB [ ] /Philips CDi
16.3 GiB [ ] /Nintendo 64
12.3 GiB [ ] /Nintendo Gameboy Advance
9.9 GiB [ ] /SNES
9.0 GiB [ ] /Bandai Playdia
8.0 GiB [ ] /Memorex VIS
2.8 GiB [ ] /Sharp x68000
2.4 GiB [ ] /Bandai Apple Pippin
2.1 GiB [ ] /Nokia N-Gage
1.2 GiB [ ] /Sega Genesis
553.8 MiB [ ] /Commodore 64
427.5 MiB [ ] /Sinclair ZX Spectrum
226.1 MiB [ ] /Nintendo Gameboy Color
186.9 MiB [ ] /Nintendo Switch
164.3 MiB [ ] /Leapfrog Leapster Learning Game System
152.1 MiB [ ] /Bandai WonderSwan Color
109.3 MiB [ ] /NES
105.9 MiB [ ] /Atari ST
97.3 MiB [ ] /Sega Master System
93.9 MiB [ ] /Bandai WonderSwan
92.2 MiB [ ] /NEC PC Engine TurboGrafx 16
82.0 MiB [ ] /Atari Jaguar
74.4 MiB [ ] /Sega 32X
68.0 MiB [ ] /Atari 2600
65.6 MiB [ ] /Nintendo Gameboy
60.2 MiB [ ] /SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color
40.8 MiB [ ] /Bios
22.2 MiB [ ] /Microsoft MSX
22.1 MiB [ ] /Microsoft MSX 2
17.1 MiB [ ] /Atari Lynx
8.9 MiB [ ] /Funtech Super Acan
5.2 MiB [ ] /Acorn 8bit
5.0 MiB [ ] /Atari 7800
4.4 MiB [ ] /SNK Neo Geo Pocket
3.2 MiB [ ] /Sega SG-1000
2.4 MiB [ ] /NEC Super Grafx
2.2 MiB [ ] /Coleco ColecoVision
2.2 MiB [ ] /Commodore VIC-20
1.9 MiB [ ] /HiVE
1.1 MiB [ ] /Atari 5200
640.0 KiB [ ] /Magnavox Odyssey2
480.0 KiB [ ] /Epoch Super Cassette Vision
280.0 KiB [ ] /GCE Vectrex
268.0 KiB [ ] /Emerson Arcadia 2001
268.0 KiB [ ] /Phillips Videopac G7000
196.0 KiB [ ] /Casio PB-1000
152.0 KiB [ ] /Fairchild Channel F
120.0 KiB [ ] /Hartung Game Master
28.0 KiB [ ] /Entex
24.0 KiB [ ] /Entex Adventure Vision

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