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JIVA's bootable usb disk
33 Posts
July 29, 2020 - 10:25 pm

bootable usb disk with emulators

source downloads

1 prepare usb disk. Flash disk less 32GB format FAT32, do not use FAT64 or exFAT, for disk classic type use NTFS or better ext4 (linux file format) , flash and classic disks can be formated ext4 linux.

2 copy tigerhareram-linux-v3.0 to that usb disk , have to be this scheme >
D:\ debian , downloads , emulatory , multimedia , server and other folders
this mean in the root of usb disk tigerhareram unziped

3 hit file /debian / boot / bootinst.bat in windows , this makes disk bootable , in linux use comand sh bootinst.sh

4 if you have problem boot disk , install thinkpad t430 ssd hdd 120GB img unziped , use program rawrite for windows and rawrite that img file to D:\ , by this way you have debian 9 stretch its older some modern hardware is not supported , this method make disk bootable automatical

5 go to folder /debian /boot / syslinux.cfg and edit it as text file , if you have 8GB ram your disk will boot to the ram and use ram disk run , if you have only 4 GB find parameter toram and delete it from last line kernel parameters

6 now can boot your usb disk , resolution is prepared to 1366x768 if you have another picture will be bugged , this repair later

7 open terminal xterm type command mc this run midnoght commander , now is target mount usb disk in mount point /media/JIVA , use command mount /dev/sdb1 /media/JIVA
in linux is internal harddisk not C: . there are /dev/sda1 /dev/sda2 two windows partitions and /dev/sdb1 is usb disk , search via command cfdisk /dev/sda1 then cfdisk /dev/sdb1 then cfdisk /dev/sdc1 , your target is mount usb disk /dev/sdb1 to /media/JIVA , for path correct in system

goto /media/JIVA/debian , there use command sb2dir 04-Default.sb changes
unpack 04-Default to folder changes , there will be etc and root , search for file /root/.fluxbox/startup there edit by F4 in mc your resolution and change mount commands ,
command , dir2sb changes 04-Default.sb , pack files back , now restart

8 for audio problems see /etc/modprobe.d/alsacards.conf use google on another device for find solution your sound card in discussions

9 emulators will be in folder emulatory , fullfill your favorite roms from tigerhareram archives

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