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The best of every game list project or BOEG List for the future.
5 Posts
February 26, 2021 - 3:13 am

Hello, I would like to introduce to the community a major undertaking as a parent of 4 now. This has been a dream of mine since the SF/SNES (I had old spiral notebooks with similar lists and studied off game pro). Now In a day with Emulation of almost everything and having consoles of everything else.  I have started a list of every game ever and what version is the best/obtainable. I will share a viewable version am post a reply if you are serious and willing to help out or have Suggestions. Credits will be given to any notable contributors. I will save a couple of future posts for tuts and info on the list and formatting current state and formatting.


(Please do not copy or reproduce or share this list without permission)


List Link


5 Posts
February 26, 2021 - 3:17 am

How to use the BOEG List

The BOEG List has filters at the top that you can sort, filter, and search in. You can do this by clicking the arrow at the top of each collum you interested in the filter. Google docs has no support for filtering linked images so I add columns with number rating to filter.


Status of the List

It about at 10% I have got a lot of consoles added so far. I have partially gone through several console lists but not completed them. It is not a publishable project yet. I will consider it ready for the world when we at least have what console was the best for each game and have all games in one list without having duplicates. it will be 100% when we have all emulatable titles filed with all standard filtering criteria such as overall rating, and a description in every game why it's the best version.

Current Goals

Find responsible enthusiasts console-specific pros to help with the workload and general game reviews. Flush out forum post.

End Goal

To put this into a website with filters on the side. To have a searchable filterable database of all games and their definitive version(s). With an initial focus on older emulatable consoles and pc. Then moving forward to newer consoles. Being able to make arcade builds and collections that are the leanest with the most content with ease.

5 Posts
February 26, 2021 - 3:18 am

List Formating post

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