My Top 3 Raspberry Pi 3 Base Images

My top 3 images that I think are great starter images to build from. This is for educational purposed only. Base images should contain NO ROMS. Which images are my top 3 to start out with: 1. Motion Blue: 2. Project…

Project Hyperpie VS Motion Blue Attract Mode – Raspberry Pi Comparison

Lets compare Project Hyperpie to Motion Blue V. 5 – Mainly comparing Attract Mode, but they both have emulationstation as well. *Motion blue download: *Project Hyperpie Download: *These are unloaded images no roms are included. Project Hyperpie Facebook Group:

Oct 5th: Update on the SNES Classic Hack with Hakchi – It WORKS But

Latest news on hacking yours SNES Classic Edition. Hakchi2 2.18 Reddit Post: ETAPrime Video: Github for Hakchi2 Download: Forum Thread for Hakchi SNES: