Ransom is back with Update Pack of his Ultimate Amiga for Raspberry Pi (v3) with this update pack 6 – we are almost at the PERFECT Amiga image!

Ultimate Amiga for Raspberry Pie 3 v1.0 [Update Pack 6]

ADDED 665 New ADF Games. (With Boxcovers)
ADDED 4 New HDF Games. (With Boxcovers)
ADDED 18 New CD32 Games. (With Boxcovers)
UPDATED 73 Existing Games
UPDATED plenty more boxcovers to many games.
SORTED out many more games beginning with “The” now actually begin with “The” in Emulation Station
UPDATED the gamelist.xml file. Updated located in /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/amiga/gamelist.xml (If you have made custom changes to the image yourself applying this file over your existing one will erase all your custom edits to the amiga list.)

1. Copy everything from the root of the update pack #6 to your raspberry pie (Select YES to overight exiting files)
2. Restart Emulation Station


1000 Miglia [ADF].uae
1000cc Turbo [ADF].uae
1943 The Battle of Midway [ADF].uae
3D World Soccer [ADF].uae
3D World Tennis [ADF].uae
4D Sports Boxing [ADF].uae
4D Sports Driving [ADF].uae
4th & Inches [ADF].uae
A-10 Tank Killer v1.0 [ADF].uae
A-10 Tank Killer v1.5 [ADF].uae
Abandoned Places [ADF].uae
Abandoned Places 2 [ADF].uae
Action Fighter [ADF].uae
Adrenalynn [ADF].uae
Advantage Tennis [ADF].uae
After Burner (Activision) [ADF].uae
After Burner (Sega) [ADF].uae
Aim XI [ADF].uae
Alien Breed 3D (AGA) [ADF].uae
Alien Fish Finger [ADF].uae
Alien Storm [ADF].uae
Alien World [ADF].uae
‘Allo ‘Allo! Cartoon Fun! [ADF].uae
Altered Destiny [ADF].uae
Amberstar [ADF].uae
American Gladiators [ADF].uae
American Tag-Team Wrestling [ADF].uae
Amnios [ADF].uae
Anarchy [ADF].uae
Apano Sin [ADF].uae
Apidya [ADF].uae
Armour-Geddon [ADF].uae
Armour-Geddon II Codename Hellfire [ADF].uae
Astro Marine Corps (A.M.C) [ADF].uae
Atomic Robo-Kid [ADF].uae
B.A.T. [ADF].uae
B.A.T. II [ADF].uae
B.C. Kid [ADF].uae
Baby Jo in ‘Going Home’ [ADF].uae
Babylonian Twins [unreleased] [demo] [ADF].uae
Back to the Future Part II [ADF].uae
Backlash [ADF].uae
BadLands [ADF].uae
Ballistix [ADF].uae
Bangkok Knights [ADF].uae
Banshee (AGA) [ADF].uae
Banzai [ADF].uae
Barbarian II (Palace) [ADF].uae
Basket Island [unreleased] [demo] (AGA) [ADF].uae
Batman Returns [ADF].uae
Batman The Caped Crusader [ADF].uae
Battle Bound [ADF].uae
Battle Chess II Chinese Chess [ADF].uae
Battle Isle [ADF].uae
Battle Squadron [ADF].uae
Battlehawks 1942 [ADF].uae
Battleships (Assassins) [ADF].uae
Battleships (Elite) [ADF].uae
Battletoads [ADF].uae
Beach Volley [ADF].uae
Beast Busters [ADF].uae
Beastlord [ADF].uae
Beavers [ADF].uae
Benefactor [ADF].uae
Best of the Best Championship Karate [ADF].uae
Better Dead Than Alien! [ADF].uae
Beverly Hills Cop [ADF].uae
Beyond Dark Castle [ADF].uae
Beyond the Ice Palace [ADF].uae
Big Nose The Caveman [ADF].uae
Big Run [ADF].uae
Bill’s Tomato Game [ADF].uae
Bio Challenge [ADF].uae
Bionic Commando [ADF].uae
Birds of Prey [ADF].uae
Birds of Prey [Intro on Disk 1] [ADF].uae
Black Crypt [ADF].uae
Black Tiger [ADF].uae
Black Viper [ADF].uae
Blastar [ADF].uae
Blasteroids [ADF].uae
Blazing Thunder [ADF].uae
Blinky’s Scary School [ADF].uae
Blob [ADF].uae
Blobz (AGA) [ADF].uae
Block Out [ADF].uae
Bloodwych [ADF].uae
Bloodwych The Extended Levels [ADF].uae
Bonanza Bros. [ADF].uae
Borobodur The Planet of Doom [ADF].uae
Boston Bomb Club [ADF].uae
Breathless (AGA) [ADF].uae
Brian the Lion [ADF].uae
Brutal Football [ADF].uae
Brutal Paws of Fury [ADF].uae
Bubba ‘n’ Stix [ADF].uae
Bubble + [ADF].uae
Bubble and Squeak (AGA) [ADF].uae
Bubble and Squeak [ADF].uae
Bubble Ghost [ADF].uae
Budokan The Martial Spirit [ADF].uae
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show [ADF].uae
Bug Bomber [ADF].uae
Bump ‘N’ Burn [ADF].uae
Bumpy’s Arcade Fantasy [ADF].uae
Burning Rubber [ADF].uae
Burntime (AGA) [ADF].uae
Burntime [ADF].uae
Cadaver [ADF].uae
Cadaver The Last Supper [ADF].uae
Cadaver The Pay Off [ADF].uae
California Games II [ADF].uae
Cannon Fodder [ADF].uae
Cannon Fodder 2 [ADF].uae
Cannon Fodder 2 Alien Levels [ADF].uae
Cap’n Carnage [ADF].uae
Capone [ADF].uae
Captain Planet and the Planeteers [ADF].uae
Captive [ADF].uae
Carnage [ADF].uae
Castle Kingdoms [ADF].uae
Castle Master [ADF].uae
Castle Master II The Crypt [ADF].uae
Castle Warrior [ADF].uae
Castlevania [ADF].uae
Catch ‘Em [ADF].uae
Cedric and the Lost Sceptre [ADF].uae
Champion Driver [ADF].uae
Chaos Strikes Back [ADF].uae
Charlie J Cool (AGA) [ADF].uae
Charlie J Cool [ADF].uae
Continental Circus [ADF].uae
Cosmic Spacehead [ADF].uae
Count Duckula [ADF].uae
Crack Down [ADF].uae
Crazy Sue [ADF].uae
Crazy Sue II [ADF].uae
Creatures [ADF].uae
Crime Wave [ADF].uae
Croak 2 [ADF].uae
Cruise for a Corpse [ADF].uae
Crystal Dragon [ADF].uae
Crystals of Arborea [ADF].uae
Cubix [ADF].uae
Cyber Assault [ADF].uae
Cyberball [ADF].uae
Cyberblast [ADF].uae
Cybernoid II The Revenge [ADF].uae
Cybernoid The Fighting Machine [ADF].uae
Cyberpunks [ADF].uae
Damage The Sadistic Butchering Of Humanity [ADF].uae
Dangerous Streets (AGA) [ADF].uae
Darius + [ADF].uae
Dark Castle [ADF].uae
Dark Fusion [ADF].uae
Darkman [ADF].uae
Darkmere [ADF].uae
Darkseed [ADF].uae
Death Mask (AGA) [ADF].uae
Deathbringer The Sword of Abaddon [ADF].uae
Deep Core [ADF].uae
Defenders of the Earth [ADF].uae
Deliverance [ADF].uae
Deluxe Galaga [ADF].uae
Deluxe Pac-Man (AGA) [ADF].uae
Deluxe Pac-Man [ADF].uae
Dennis (AGA) [ADF].uae
Dennis [ADF].uae
Desert Strike [ADF].uae
D-Generation (AGA) [ADF].uae
D-Generation [ADF].uae
Dick Tracy (Action) [ADF].uae
Dick Tracy [ADF].uae
Die Hard 2 Die Harder [ADF].uae
Dimo’s Quest [ADF].uae
Dino Wars [ADF].uae
Dinosaur Detective Agency [ADF].uae
Disposable Hero [ADF].uae
Dizzy Collection Magicland Dizzy, Fast Food, Kwik Snax [ADF].uae
Dizzy Collection Treasure Island Dizzy, Fantasy World Dizzy [ADF].uae
Dizzy’s Excellent Adventures Kwik Snax, Bubble Dizzy, Prince of the Yolkfolk [ADF].uae
Dizzy’s Excellent Adventures Panic Dizzy, Spellbound Dizzy [ADF].uae
Dojo Dan [ADF].uae
Donk! The Samurai Duck! (OCS-AGA) [ADF].uae
Doofus [ADF].uae
Double Agent [ADF].uae
Double Dragon [ADF].uae
Double Dragon 3 The Rosetta Stone [ADF].uae
Double Dragon II [ADF].uae
Dragon Breed [ADF].uae
Dragon Spirit [ADF].uae
Dragons Breath [ADF].uae
Dragon’s Lair [ADF].uae
Dragon’s Lair 3 Curse of the Mordread [ADF] – Copy (7).uae
Dragon’s Lair Escape from Singe’s Castle [ADF].uae
Dragon’s Lair II Time Warp [ADF].uae
Dragonstone [ADF].uae
DreamWeb (AGA) [ADF].uae
DreamWeb [ADF].uae
Drivin’ Force [ADF].uae
Dune [ADF].uae
Dune II The Battle for Arrakis [ADF].uae
Dungeon Master v3.60 (Psygnosis) [ADF].uae
Dynasty Wars [ADF].uae
E.T.’s Rugby League [ADF].uae
Edd the Duck 2 Back with a Quack! [ADF].uae
Edd the Duck! [ADF].uae
Elf (Ocean) [ADF].uae
Elfmania [ADF].uae
Eliminator [ADF].uae
Elite [ADF].uae
Elite Advanced [ADF].uae
Else We Get Mad! [ADF].uae
Elvira II The Jaws of Cerberus [ADF].uae
Elvira Mistress of the Dark [ADF].uae
Elvira The Arcade Game [ADF].uae
E-Motion [ADF].uae
Empire Soccer 94 [ADF].uae
Enchanted Land [ADF].uae
Entity (Loriciel) [intro on disk 1] [ADF].uae
Epic [ADF].uae
Erik [ADF].uae
Escape from Colditz [ADF].uae
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters [ADF].uae
E-Swat Cyber Police [ADF].uae
European Champions (Idea) [ADF].uae
European Champions [ADF].uae
European Championship 1992 [ADF].uae
Exile [ADF].uae
Exterminator [ADF].uae
Eye of the Beholder [ADF].uae
Eye of the Beholder II The Legend of Darkmoon [ADF].uae
Eye of the Storm [ADF].uae
F.O.F.T. – Federation of Free Traders [ADF].uae
F1 [ADF].uae
F1 World Championship Edition [ADF].uae
F-15 Strike Eagle II [ADF].uae
F17 Challenge [ADF].uae
F-19 Stealth Fighter [ADF].uae
F-29 Retaliator [ADF].uae
F40 Pursuit Simulator [ADF].uae
FA-18 Interceptor [ADF].uae
Face Off (Krisalis) [ADF].uae
Falcon [ADF].uae
Fallen Angel [ADF].uae
Fantastic Dizzy [ADF].uae
Fantastic Voyage [ADF].uae
Fantasy Flyer [ADF].uae
Fatman The Caped Consumer (AGA) [ADF].uae
Fatman The Caped Consumer [ADF].uae
Fears (AGA) [ADF].uae
Fernandez Must Die [ADF].uae
Fiendish Freddy’s Big Top ‘O Fun [ADF].uae
Fighter Bomber [ADF].uae
Fightin’ Spirit (AGA) [ADF].uae
Fightin’ Spirit [ADF].uae
Final Blow [ADF].uae
Final Fight [ADF].uae
Fire & Forget [ADF].uae
Fire & Forget II The Death Convoy [ADF].uae
Fire and Brimstone [ADF].uae
Fire and Ice Christmas Special Edition [ADF].uae
Fire and Ice The Daring Adventures of Cool Coyote [ADF].uae
Fire Force [ADF].uae
Firepower [ADF].uae
Flight of the Amazon Queen [ADF].uae
Flimbo’s Quest [ADF].uae
Flood [ADF].uae
Fly Fighter [ADF].uae
Fly Harder (CD32) (AGA) [ADF].uae
Fly Harder [ADF].uae
Flying Shark [ADF].uae
Football Glory (AGA) [ADF].uae
Football Glory [ADF].uae
Forgotten Worlds [ADF].uae
Frenetic [ADF].uae
Frontier Elite II [ADF].uae
Full Contact [ADF].uae
Fury of the Furries [ADF].uae
Future Basketball [ADF].uae
Future Bike Simulator [ADF].uae
Future Tank [ADF].uae
Future Wars Time Travellers [ADF].uae
Fuzzball [ADF].uae
Galactic Conqueror [ADF].uae
Galaga ’92 [ADF].uae
Galaxy Force 2 [ADF].uae
Garfield Big, Fat, Hairy Deal [ADF].uae
Garrison [ADF].uae
Garrison II The Legend Continues [ADF].uae
Gauntlet II [ADF].uae
Gauntlet III The Final Quest [ADF].uae
Gear Works [ADF].uae
Gee Bee Air Rally [ADF].uae
Gem’X [ADF].uae
Genesia [ADF].uae
Ghost Battle [ADF].uae
Ghostbusters II [ADF].uae
Ghouls ‘N Ghosts [ADF].uae
Giddy! II – Hero in an Egg Shell [ADF].uae
Giganoid [ADF].uae
Global Gladiators [ADF].uae
Globdule [ADF].uae
G-LOC – R360 Air Battle [ADF].uae
Gloom (AGA) [ADF].uae
Gobliiins [ADF].uae
Gobliins 2 The Prince Buffoon [ADF].uae
Goblins 3 [ADF].uae
Gods [ADF].uae
Gold Rush! [ADF].uae
Golden Axe [ADF].uae
Golden Eagle [intro on disk 1] [ADF].uae
Grand Monster Slam [ADF].uae
Grand Prix Master [ADF].uae
Great Courts [ADF].uae
Great Courts 2 [ADF].uae
Gremlins 2 The New Batch [ADF].uae
Guardian (AGA) [ADF].uae
Gunship 2000 (AGA) [ADF].uae
Gunship 2000 (CD32) (AGA) [ADF].uae
Gunship 2000 [ADF].uae
Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon [ADF].uae
H.A.T.E. Hostile All Terrain Encounter [ADF].uae
Hammerfist [ADF].uae
Hard Drivin’ [ADF].uae
Hard Drivin’ II Drive Harder [ADF].uae
Hard ‘n’ Heavy [ADF].uae
Harlequin [ADF].uae
Head Over Heels [ADF].uae
Heart of China [ADF].uae
Heimdall [ADF].uae
Heimdall 2 [AGA].uae
Heimdall 2 Into the Hall of Worlds (AGA) [ADF].uae
Heimdall 2 Into the Hall of Worlds [ADF].uae
Hellbent [ADF].uae
HellRaisers [ADF].uae
Helter Skelter [ADF].uae
HeroQuest [ADF].uae
HeroQuest II Legacy of Sorasil [ADF].uae
HeroQuest Return of the Witch Lord [ADF].uae
Highway Patrol II [ADF].uae
Highway Sprint [prototype] (earok) [ADF].uae
Hired Guns [ADF].uae
Hong Kong Phooey [ADF].uae
Hook [ADF].uae
Horror Zombies from the Crypt [ADF].uae
Hostages [ADF].uae
Hostile Breed [ADF].uae
Hot Rod [ADF].uae
Hudson Hawk [ADF].uae
Hunter [ADF].uae
Hybris [ADF].uae
Ikari Warriors [ADF].uae
Impossible Mission II [ADF].uae
Indiana Jones & The Fate Of Atlantis Action [ADF].uae
Indiana Jones & The Fate Of Atlantis Adventure [ADF].uae
Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade Adventure [ADF].uae
Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom [ADF].uae
Indianapolis 500 The Simulation [ADF].uae
Indigo [ADF].uae
Indy Heat [ADF].uae
Infestation [ADF].uae
Innocent Until Caught [ADF].uae
International Ninja Rabbits [ADF].uae
International Sports Challenge [ADF].uae
Into the Eagle’s Nest [ADF].uae
Iron Lord [ADF].uae
Ishar 2 Messengers of Doom (AGA) [ADF].uae
Ishar 2 Messengers of Doom [ADF].uae
Ishar 3 The Seven Gates of Infinity (AGA) [ADF].uae
Ishar 3 The Seven Gates of Infinity [ADF].uae
Ishar Legend of the Fortress (AGA) [ADF].uae
Ishar Legend of the Fortress [ADF].uae
ISS Incredible Shrinking Sphere [ADF].uae
It Came from the Desert [ADF].uae
It Came from the Desert II Antheads [ADF].uae
Italia 1990 [ADF].uae
Italian Night 1999 [ADF].uae
Italy 1990 [ADF].uae
Ivanhoe [ADF].uae
Jaguar XJ-220 [ADF].uae
James Pond 2 Codename Robocod (AGA) [ADF].uae
James Pond 2 Codename Robocod [ADF].uae
James Pond 3 Operation Starfish (AGA) [ADF].uae
James Pond Underwater Agent [ADF].uae
Jetsons The Computer Game [ADF].uae
Jetstrike (AGA) [ADF].uae
Jimmy’s Fantastic Journey [ADF].uae
Joe & Mac Caveman Ninja [ADF].uae
Joe Blade [ADF].uae
Joe Blade 2 [ADF].uae
John Madden Football [ADF].uae
Judge Dredd [ADF].uae
Jump ‘n Roll [ADF].uae
Jumping Jack’Son [ADF].uae
Jurassic Park (AGA) [ADF].uae
Jurassic Park [ADF].uae
K240 [ADF].uae
Kamikaze [ADF].uae
Katakis [ADF].uae
KGB [ADF].uae
Kick Off [ADF].uae
Kick Off 2 (Enhanced) [ADF].uae
Kick Off 2 [ADF].uae
Kick Off 2 Return to Europe [ADF].uae
Kick Off 2 The Final Whistle [ADF].uae
Kick Off 3 (AGA) [ADF].uae
Kick Off 3 [ADF].uae
Kick Off 3 European Challenge (AGA) [ADF].uae
Kick Off 3 European Challenge [ADF].uae
Kick Off Extra Time [ADF].uae
Kid Chaos [ADF].uae
Kid Gloves [ADF].uae
Kid Gloves II The Journey Back [ADF].uae
Kingpin Arcade Sports Bowling [ADF].uae
King’s Quest [ADF].uae
King’s Quest 1 Quest for the Crown (Enhanced) [ADF].uae
King’s Quest II  Romancing the Throne [ADF].uae
King’s Quest II [ADF].uae
King’s Quest III To Heir is Human [ADF].uae
King’s Quest IV The Perils of Rosella [ADF].uae
King’s Quest V Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder [ADF].uae
King’s Quest VI Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow [ADF].uae
Kiro’s Quest [ADF].uae
Klax [ADF].uae
Knight Force [ADF].uae
Knightmare [ADF].uae
Knights of the Sky [ADF].uae
Krusty’s Super Fun House [ADF].uae
Labyrinth (Magic Soft) [ADF].uae
Labyrinth (Schatztruhe) [ADF].uae
Lamborghini American Challenge [ADF].uae
Last Action Hero [ADF].uae
Last Battle [ADF].uae
Last Duel Inter Planet War 2012 [ADF].uae
Leader Board [ADF].uae
Leading Lap MPV (AGA) [ADF].uae
Leading Lap MPV [ADF].uae
Leander [ADF].uae
Leatherneck [ADF].uae
Leavin’ Teramis [ADF].uae
LED Storm [ADF].uae
Legend [ADF].uae
Legends (AGA) [ADF].uae
Legends of Valour [ADF].uae
Leisure Suit Larry [ADF].uae
Leisure Suit Larry 1 in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (Enhanced) [ADF].uae
Leisure Suit Larry 2 Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love [ADF].uae
Leisure Suit Larry 3 [ADF].uae
Leisure Suit Larry 5 [ADF].uae
Lemmings [ADF].uae
Lemmings 2 The Tribes [ADF].uae
Lemmings Holiday (1993) [ADF].uae
Lemmings Holiday (1994) [ADF].uae
Les Manley In Search for the King [ADF].uae
Lethal Weapon [ADF].uae
Licence to Kill [ADF].uae
Line of Fire [ADF].uae
Lionheart [ADF].uae
Liquid Kids [unreleased] [full game] [ADF].uae
Little Puff in Dragonland [ADF].uae
Lollypop [ADF].uae
Lombard RAC Rally [ADF].uae
Loom [ADF].uae
Loopz [ADF].uae
Lords of the Rising Sun [ADF].uae
Lorna [ADF].uae
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge [ADF].uae
Lotus III The Ultimate Challenge [ADF].uae
Lotus Turbo Challenge II [ADF].uae
Lumberjack Xmas [ADF].uae
Lure of the Temptress [ADF].uae
Magic Johnson’s Basketball [ADF].uae
Manchester United The Double [ADF].uae
Manhunter 2 San Francisco [ADF].uae
Manhunter New York [ADF].uae
Maniac Mansion [ADF].uae
Marble Madness [ADF].uae
Marvin’s Marvellous Adventure (AGA) [ADF].uae
Master Axe [ADF].uae
MAX Rally (AGA) [ADF].uae
McDonald Land [ADF].uae
Mean Machine [ADF].uae
Mean Streets [ADF].uae
Mega Twins [ADF].uae
Mega Typhoon [ADF].uae
Mega-lo-Mania [ADF].uae
Menace [ADF].uae
Metal Law [ADF].uae
Metal Masters [ADF].uae
Metal Mutant [ADF].uae
Metal Warrior [ADF].uae
Miami Chase [ADF].uae
Micro Machines [ADF].uae
MicroProse Golf [ADF].uae
MicroProse Soccer [ADF].uae
Midwinter [ADF].uae
Midwinter II Flames of Freedom [ADF].uae
MIG-29 Soviet Fighter [ADF].uae
Minskies Furballs The Abduction (OCS-AGA) [ADF].uae
Missiles Over Xerion [ADF].uae
Monkey Island 2 LeChuck’s Revenge [ADF].uae
Monty Python’s Flying Circus [ADF].uae
MoonShine Racers [ADF].uae
Moonstone A Hard Days Knight [ADF].uae
Morph (AGA) [ADF].uae
Morph [ADF].uae
Mortal Kombat [ADF].uae
Mortal Kombat II [ADF].uae
Motorhead [ADF].uae
Mr. Heli [ADF].uae
Mr. Nutz Hoppin’ Mad [ADF].uae
NARC [ADF].uae
Narco Police [ADF].uae
Naughty Ones [ADF].uae
Navy Moves [ADF].uae
Navy Seals [ADF].uae
Nebulus [ADF].uae
Nebulus 2 Pogo A Go Go [ADF].uae
Necronom [ADF].uae
New Year Lemmings (1992) [ADF].uae
New York Warriors [ADF].uae
Nick Faldo’s Championship Golf [ADF].uae
Nicky Boum [ADF].uae
Nicky II [ADF].uae
Nigel Mansell’s World Championship (AGA) [ADF].uae
Nigel Mansell’s World Championship [ADF].uae
Night Shift [ADF].uae
Nightbreed The Action Game [ADF].uae
Nightbreed The Interactive Movie [ADF].uae
Nightdawn [ADF].uae
Ninja Mission [ADF].uae
Ninja Spirit [ADF].uae
Nitro [ADF].uae
No Buddies Land [unreleased] [full game] [ADF].uae
North & South [ADF].uae
Not Very Festive Fodder [ADF].uae
Not Very Festive Fodder.uae
Nuclear War [ADF].uae
Nucleus [ADF].uae
Obitus [ADF].uae
Obliterator [ADF].uae
Obsession [ADF].uae
Odyssey [ADF].uae
Off Shore Warrior [ADF].uae
Oh No! More Lemmings [ADF].uae
One Step Beyond featuring Colin Curly [ADF].uae
Ooops Up [ADF].uae
Operation Stealth [ADF].uae
Operation Thunderbolt [ADF].uae
Ork [ADF].uae
Oscar (AGA) [ADF].uae
Oscar [ADF].uae
Out Run (U.S. Gold) [ADF].uae
Out Run Europa [ADF].uae
Outzone [ADF].uae
Over the Net [ADF].uae
Overdrive [ADF].uae
Overkill (AGA) [ADF].uae
Overlander [ADF].uae
P47 Thunderbolt [ADF].uae
Pacific Islands [ADF].uae
Pac-Land [ADF].uae
Pacmania [ADF].uae
Panza Kick Boxing [ADF].uae
Paperboy [ADF].uae
Paperboy 2 [ADF].uae
Paradroid 90 [ADF].uae
Parasol Stars Rainbow Islands 2 [ADF].uae
Passing Shot [ADF].uae
Pegasus [ADF].uae
PGA European Tour (AGA) [ADF].uae
PGA European Tour [ADF].uae
PGA Tour Golf [ADF].uae
Phantom Fighter [ADF].uae
Phobia [ADF].uae
Pierre le Chef is… Out to Lunch (AGA) [ADF].uae
Pinball Fantasies (AGA) [ADF].uae
Pinball Fantasies (CD32) (AGA) [ADF].uae
Pinball Fantasies [ADF].uae
Pinball Hazard [ADF].uae
Pinball Illusions (AGA) [ADF].uae
Pinball Mania (AGA) [ADF].uae
Pinball Prelude (AGA) [ADF].uae
Pinball Prelude [ADF].uae
Pinball Wizard v1.0 [ADF].uae
Pink Panther [ADF].uae
Pipe Mania [ADF].uae
Pirates! [ADF].uae
Pit-Fighter [ADF].uae
Pixie and Dixie [ADF].uae
Plotting [ADF].uae
Populous [ADF].uae
Populous II Challenge Game [ADF].uae
Populous II Trials of the Olympian Gods [ADF].uae
Populous World Editor [ADF].uae
Power Drift [ADF].uae
Powerdrome [ADF].uae
Powermonger [ADF].uae
PowerMonger WW1 [ADF].uae
PP Hammer and His Pneumatic Hammer [ADF].uae
Predator [ADF].uae
Predator 2 [ADF].uae
Prehistorik [ADF].uae
Premiere [ADF].uae
Primal Rage [ADF].uae
Prince of Persia [ADF].uae
Prison [ADF].uae
Pro PowerBoat Simulator [ADF].uae
Pro Tennis Simulator [ADF].uae
Project-X – Special Edition 93 [ADF].uae
Project-X [ADF].uae
Projectyle [ADF].uae
Prophecy I The Viking Child [ADF].uae
Puffy’s Saga [ADF].uae
Purple Saturn Day [ADF].uae
Push-Over [ADF].uae
Putty [ADF].uae
Putty Squad [ADF].uae
Puzznic [ADF].uae
Q-Bic [ADF].uae
Qix [ADF].uae
Quest for Glory 2 Trial by Fire [ADF].uae
Quik the Thunder Rabbit [ADF].uae
Qwak [ADF].uae
R.B.I. Two Baseball [ADF].uae
R3 – The Art of Rocketry [ADF].uae
Race Drivin’ [ADF].uae
Rainbow Islands The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 [ADF].uae
Rally Championships [ADF].uae
Red Lightning [ADF].uae
Red Storm Rising [ADF].uae
Roketz (AGA) [ADF].uae
R-Type II [ADF].uae
Ruff and Reddy in the Space Adventure [ADF].uae
Shadow Sorcerer [ADF].uae
Shadow Sorcerer.uae
Side Winder II [ADF].uae
Skate Tribe [ADF].uae
Skate Tribe.uae
SkidMarks (AGA) [ADF].uae
Solid Gold [ADF].uae
Space Assault [ADF].uae
Space Rogue [ADF].uae
Star Trash [ADF].uae
Superman The Man of Steel [ADF].uae
Terry’s Big Adventure [ADF].uae
The Grail [ADF].uae
The Lost Patrol [ADF].uae
Tiny Skweeks [ADF].uae
Titan [ADF].uae
Titano [ADF].uae
To the Rhine The Allied Advance in the West, Aug. – Dec. 1944. [ADF].uae
Trained Assassin [ADF].uae
Typhoon [ADF].uae
Vampire’s Empire [ADF].uae
Vegas Gambler [ADF].uae
Winter Camp [ADF].uae
Winter Games [ADF].uae
Winter Olympics (OCS-AGA) [ADF].uae
XTreme Racing (AGA) [ADF].uae
Zock Out [ADF].uae
Zombie Mall [ADF].uae


Blade [AGA] [HDF].uae
Flight Of The Amazon Queen [HDF].uae
Skate Tribe [HDF].uae
Out Of This World [HDF].uae


Aunt Arctic Adventure (CD32).uae
CD32 Xmas Disc 2017 [earok] (CD32).uae
Digital Illusions Collection (AmigaJay) (CD32).uae
Duck Tales (CD32).uae
Heart Of The Alien Redux RC1 (EN) (2016) (earok) (CD32).uae
Hudson Soft Collection (AmigaJay) (CD32).uae
Indy Heat & Super Off Road v1.1 (CD32).uae
Jumping JackSon (CD32).uae
Megadrive Classic Collection (AmigaJay) (CD32).uae
Nebulus (CD32).uae
Prince Of Persia (CD32).uae
Puzzle Collection (2017)(AmigaJay) (CD32).uae
S.C.A.S 2017 (AmigaJay) (CD32).uae
Snow Bros & Liquid Kids (CD32).uae
The Big 11 The Full Amiga Dizzy Collection (CD32).uae
The Ninja Warriors (CD32).uae
Toki (CD32).uae
Vivid Image The Complete Amiga Works (AmigaJay) (CD32).uae


Ishar – Legend of the Fortress [AGA].uae [FIXED CONTROLS & SPED UP GAMEPLAY] Ishar 2.uae [FIXED CONTROLS & SPED UP GAMEPLAY] Ishar 2 [AGA].uae [FIXED CONTROLS & SPED UP GAMEPLAY] Ishar 3.uae [FIXED CONTROLS & SPED UP GAMEPLAY] Ishar 3 [AGA].uae [FIXED CONTROLS & SPED UP GAMEPLAY] It Came From The Desert.uae [FIXED GFX GLITCHES AND CONTROLS] It Came From The Desert (Chipset Cycle Exact) [HDF].uae [FIXED GFX GLITCHES AND CONTROLS] It Came From Desert 2 Antheads.uae [FIXED GAME NOW LOADS] It Came From The Desert 2 (Chipset Cycle Exact) [HDF].uae [FIXED GFX GLITCHES AND CONTROLS] Ishar – Legend of the Fortress.uae [FIXED CONTROLS & SPED UP GAMEPLAY] KGB.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Leisure Suit Larry.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] LeisureSuitLarryEnhanced.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Leisure Suit Larry 2.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Leisure Suit Larry 3.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Leisure Suit Larry 5.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] King’s Quest.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Kings Quest (Enhanced).uae [FIXED CONTROLS] King’s Quest II.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] King’s Quest III.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] King’s Quest IV.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] King’s Quest V.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Kings Quest 6.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Lemmings (2 Disk).uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Lemmings (Demo).uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Lemmings 2 (Demo).uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Lemmings Holiday (Demo).uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Lemmings Holiday 1993.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Lemmings Holiday 1994.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Lemmings 2 (Demo).uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Les Manley In – Search For The King.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Loom (Kick 3.1).uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Lords Of The Realm.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Lords Of The Realm [AGA] (Fast).uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Lords Of The Rising Sun.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Lure Of The Temptress.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Manhunter – New York.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Manhunter 2.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Marble Madness.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Mean Streets.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Mega Lo Mania.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Midwinter.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Midwinter 2.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] New Year Lemmings 1991-92.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Nightbreed – The Interactive Movie.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] North & South.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Obitus.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Obsession.uae [FIXED CONTROLS & FIXED SCREEN RESOLUTION] Oil Imperium.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Operation Stealth.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Operation Thunderbolt.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Out Run (US Gold).uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Out Run (Sega).uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Overkill [AGA].uae [FIXED CONTROLS & FIXED SCREEN RESOLUTION] POW.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] PGA European Tour [AGA].uae [FIXED CONTROLS] PGA European Tour [CD32].uae [FIXED CONTROLS] PGA European Tour.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] PGA Tour Golf (& Tour Disk).uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Phantom Fighter.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Pinball Mania.uae [GAME NOW BOOTS, FIXED CONTROLS, FIXED SCREEN RESOLUTION] Populous (& Data Disks).uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Populous.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Populous – World Editor.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Populous 2 (& Challenge Games).uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Populous 2.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Powerdrome.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Powermonger – WW1 Edition.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Powermonger.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Predator 2.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Quest For Glory II.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Red Lightning.uae [FIXED CONTROLS] Red Storm Rising.uae [FIXED CONTROLS]

I will be working on the rest of my HDF games I am creating from the whdload games set to HDF. Work will not stop with Ultimate Amiga.. Once my HDF packs are 100% complete I will include all these HDF’s in Update Pack #7.


Title – “Ultimate Amiga for Raspberry Pie 3 v1.0 [Update Pack 6]”

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Arcade Punks is a website devoted to home build arcade modders, builders, restorers and those that love the retro gaming scene, we try and interact by supplying links and information of some use - we rely on submitted links from a great team of readers and project owners.