YouTuber Ghostlost  is back with this awesome Hyperspin Pack of Limenko (see below for description of this rare system!)

Limenko Korea Enterprises Corporation, Limited is more commonly known as Limenko . Limenko was founded by two young entrepreneurs, one of whom is currently in charge of the company, Mr. Lim . The company began as a mere distributor of entertainment products and video games. It has continued to expand to become one of the most promising companies in South Korea. Limenko is now active in the world of arcade and parlor video games, but also offers casino gaming equipment such as slot machines and roulette tables. She also produces various machines such as bowls dispensers containing gifts, mechanical horses or mini-rides for children. Limenko is able to develop very high quality video games in a very short time. This feature has enabled the company to find a rapid growth and contribute to the growth of the video game market in Korea.


Title ”Limenko.Hyperspin.Pack -GhostLost”

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