Arcade Punks do not create the content shared on the website unless mentioned in the post - all content created on the site is created by the awesome people that keep the retro and arcade gaming scene alive - All we do is provide a portal for you to download the software without hassle or issues. Software is NOT fully tested when we create demonstration videos (if any) we simply show that we have the base working - it would be impossible for Arcade Punks to fully test all software that is submitted, we provide a forum for feedback, and whilst we welcome positive and negative feedback of the software shared (mostly all freely available opensource software) we do not welcome personal attacks and insults on Arcade Punks, its team or its members - We try to remain drama free so please don't let your negativity turn into anger and attack, if you are unhappy with something you have downloaded from the site, then please refrain from using the site, OR, await feedback in our forums before making the decision to download. Our forums are unmonitored and unchecked - Arcade Punks can not be held responsible for any content that is shared or linked in the public forums.