Wolfanoz is back, and hes packing BIG Punches! Making use of those Black Friday 400gb Micro SD Card purchases, he has loaded up his very own XU4 Image, using Team ORAs base and painstakingly checking all the Odroid EXCLUSIVES.  We have been playing on this image for a few days straight and to say its a no-holds-barred is an understatement.

First off, many thanks to great people like David Marti, Dwayne Hurst, CoinJunkie, Level1Online, MadLittlePixel, DrewTalks, WDG and many others for your input and others I may have left out for your support as well!

All of this also keeps me busy and out of trouble when I’m not working (and I love to tinker) so I’m thankful for it and your happiness with nostalgia bringing back memories when you first played all these.
That is what means the most to me for all of you. I can always see the ten year old version of myself in my head with my jaw on the ground walking into the local arcade with the can and bottle money I cashed in or Chuck E. Cheese (not the modern kind with ticket games) to this day when playing most of the arcade classics alone much less the first time I saw a Space Invaders at the local Pizza Hut in 1978 at the ripe old age of 3 when the only stress you had was worrying about pissing off your parents.

I started this image as a 400GB Raspberry Pi image originally before 400GB cards dropped to about $100 a couple months back but Black Friday sales were insane with them and I hope you all grabbed one (or do soon).

So, you ask what’s so special about this image? Why 400GB, isn’t that too much? (You can never have too much IMHO)

I went heavy on games that normally don’t run on the Pi or run well. I have weeded most of the games on all platforms out that don’t run or run well (sadly Burning Rangers for the Saturn runs like hot garbage, which was one of my favorite games). I did however get Shinobi Legions working as best as possible (YAY!), which is at least something since the US version of it does not. Retroarch thankfully had some options for the lr-yabuse emulator (which mostly runs really slow) but does run great for a handful of games. I really hope development continues for that emulator. It shows a ton of promise and the XU4 helps but development of the emulator needs to happen. Not being able to run Panzer Dragoon at full speed is sort of a bummer, too.

Took a while to get the microSD card to self expand but success (and it should autoexpand just fine as i’ve tested it three times). If it happens to not do so, follow these instructions:
1) Quit Emulationstation
2) cd /media/boot
3) sudo ./resize.sh
4) Reboot
5) Quit Emulationstation
6) cd /media/boot
6) sudo ./resize.sh
7) Success!

A few notes for the PC platforms:
1) F12 will back you out from the Atari ST platform. Hit the Tab key (or controller over) to quit from there.
2) Amiga (while using a keyboard for mainly game selections) works completely with the controller and can back out with a controller with Select+Start.
3) Commodore 64 has a virtual keyboard that you can pop up with L3 for screen selections or you can use the keyboard itself. One of the main buttons (depending on controller) will bring up a menu to quit. vice64 (the non-libretro version) definitely runs the best and allows for games to fast load.
4) SCUMMVM also works with a controller but keyboard and mouse also works. I recommend the keyboard and mouse but it’s nice to relax with a controller as well. Full Throttle and Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis FTW!

Console Notes:
1) You may need to reconfigure your controller to PSP (PPSSPP) and Nintendo DS by opening its settings. This is usually pretty standard. I used a generic PS3 controller so your mileage may vary.
2) You also have to set up your controller for Reicast in the Retropie Setup menu if you plan on switching emulators to Reicast from the libretro version. However, the libretro version works really well fortunately.

Miscellaneous Stuff:
1) For login (different from Raspberry Pi), odroid is the connection for any FTP client (or from PuTTy),
Login is pigaming (all lowercase)
Password is retropie (all lowercase).
2) You can also do a \\odroid from an open explorer window in Windows to access folders once connected to your network if you choose to remove / add new games easier.
3) Can never get SCUMMVM to scrape all the way right. Anyone has any tips, I’d be glad to hear them! However, they all work.

I would suggest using Skraper (https://www.skraper.net/) for your images and snaps. It’s fantastic. If you get an account and donate to ScreenScraper, they will give you 5 extra threads to scrape with an account!
To add your Odroid, make sure it’s connected to the Interweb, choose Retropie and \\odroid\configs when it asks for a folder and then \\odroid\roms for your roms folder. You then can configure Skraper to have what kind of media you like.

There’s definitely something for everyone here with over 14,000 games. Some platforms I had to use non-libretro emulators for so they won’t natively have bezel’s (mainly some of the PC platforms) but the majority of everything else has bezels active.

Kodi in its default state is also installed but if you want to use that, you can remove some of the CD games you don’t play to free up space. PSP and Dreamcast games are pretty heavy so I recommend starting there for removal, if so. I mainly was concentrating on gaming but understand folks like their streaming, too.

As for those wondering if Attract Mode is included, it isn’t. I personally feel Emulationstation is at the point where it runs and feels just as good, thus why I did a one shot with my 32GB arcade image to make those folks happy. 🙂 This is in due (and thanks) to people like Dwayne Hurst, David Marti, Phil’s Doodles, and many other amazing digital artists who continually pump out amazing themes as well as being amazing people. With images as big as these, attract mode is honestly more of a headache.

All your usual scripts are there as well as Eazy Hax’s suite that Team ORA put in by default. I added a ton of background music but you can disable this with his kit. The fan is running in Advanced mode currently (instead of default) as this thing can get really hot. Idle at Default was 65C! Feel free to bump it up more with the Eazy Hax fan tool if you feel it’s still warm. Temps with my XU4 ranged from 47C idle to about 75C when running fully from what I’ve seen with the advanced fan mode. Music is running by default. You can also turn that off with the scripts if you like. I added as many game soundtracks as I could think of.

I will be busy myself over vacation trying to choose what games to play. Then again, it’s fun to just sit there and watch all the vids when the screensaver goes active until I pass out on my couch. 🙂 I may do a slimmer 256GB version of this with just images (no snaps as it’s already been requested) but I thought I’d start off big first. 🙂

Have fun wherever you may be and Happy Holidays!

Love and God bless,




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Arcade Punks is a website devoted to home build arcade modders, builders, restorers and those that love the retro gaming scene, we try and interact by supplying links and information of some use - we rely on submitted links from a great team of readers and project owners.